Services, offered by our creative center

We provide courses and trainings for all ages!
  • Acting
  • Scenic speech
  • Stage movement
  • Working with the camera
  • Master classes from leading casting directors
  • Creation of an individual "image" (make-up and image selection workshops
Film director
  • Photo and video shooting
  • Transform your ideas into literary and directorial scripts
  • Learn how to edit video and work with sound
  • The ability quickly establish professional contacts
  • The ability to independently create film stories
  • At the end - the premiere of the film. Everyone can shoot few
Turnkey screenwriter
  • How to construct scenario ideas that will hit the target audience and market
  • How to write, design, promote synopses and scripts
  • How to make a script an expected commodity
  • Requirements for the scenario idea, scenario and submission formats from industry professionals (agent, reader, producer, director, artist, distributor, retailer)
  • Modern methods of searching for relevant scenario ideas, marketing research, promoting your work on the markets
Film production
  • The world and domestic film industry and the place of the producer in the film process
  • Research, design and marketing in the creation of a motion picture (series)
  • The financial formula for making a film. Fundamentals of Film and TV Series Production and Distribution
  • Fundamentals of dramaturgy. Designing a scenario idea and creating a scenario
  • Fundamentals of directing and working with actors, cinematography, artists, sound and music in films
  • Fundamentals of project management and film/series cost and quality management
  • Business games and field practice consultations
  • In 2 months you will play at the final concert
  • A group of creative people just like you. Change environment and de-stress. Tea, snacks and coffee during breaks at your disposal
  • Together we will choose what suits you personally
  • Final concerts. Famous Russian and foreign pop singers will take part in each final concert
  • Learn to pose correctly
  • Get rid of clamps and complexes
  • Learn to walk beautifully
  • Staging model shows with the participation of famous models and fashion designers
  • Let's learn acting
  • After completing the course, you will be able to fully work in the field of modeling business
  • We will help in finding a contract, including international ones
  • Fundamentals of journalism: Basic concepts of journalism. History of journalism. Formation of genres (reportage, essay, feuilleton). Types of media, work with the audience. Keeping personal diaries. Practice at events
  • Camera: Learn to keep yourself in the frame. Plastic. Real-time reporting skills
  • Speech technique: Fundamentals of oratory. Statement of voice, work with diction. Work with intonation and articulation. Psychology of negotiations and interviews. Public performance
  • Writing style and working with text: The structure of the text. Working titles. Writing news articles and reports. Press releases, interviews
  • Blogging and working with information: Safety in the network. Creation of own information channel. Blogging skills, basic aspects. Packing information. Internet journalism
Personal brand
  • Creation of a unique scenario for the promotion of personality
  • Creation of informational and visual content
  • Launch of advertising promotion
  • Reputational risk control
  • Mention monitoring
  • Publicity activation
Oratory for business people
  • Eloquence
  • Get rid of fear and anxiety during the performance
  • You will be able to easily conduct meetings, negotiations and presentations, using those knowledge and skills in everyday life
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